Tuesday, October 27, 2009

still good

Sometimes we relate God's goodness to His actions. For example, God DID this or that, so He is good. I was thinking this morning that God was still good during the great depression, during the holocaust, during the black plague. Yes, He is good because it is one of His ATTRIBUTES, not because we are pleased with certain ones of His particular actions.

I am challenged in my own life to make God known as being good and to let that sink in, knowing that He has good planned for my life.

Monday, October 12, 2009

spontaneous baptism

A very cool weekend at West Ridge Church--103 people were baptized and 51 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour for the first time. Not to mention Brian's arm workout from baptizing so many people, we were blown away at the response to a spontaneous baptism! Brian shared about the early church in Acts and how people trusted Christ and immediately afterward followed Him in baptism, not to get themselves to heaven, but rather, to show that after trusting Christ, they wanted to declare their faith in Him to the world and be a follower of Christ.

People poured down the front of the church in response!!! You know you can preach your heart out, have the best music and the most friendly church, but if God is not moving in peoples' hearts, potentially no one will experience life change. That is why when something like this happens, we are so excited to give God the glory, as only He can change peoples' lives--and that's what this is all about! How cool to be a part of a church where God IS moving and CHANGING LIVES!!!

homecoming court

It was a cool weekend for Taylor. He was voted to be in the homecoming court for the 9th grade. There are 470 students, so 3 boys and 3 girls were chosen. He was shocked to be in it, and had no idea that people liked him so much! One of his friends won, and we were happy about that although we are sad that he is moving this week. We will miss Marquise as a part of our J. Group in our house on Wednesday nights.

To top off the night, Taylor took his good friend Kayla to the dance. We took a million pictures as all the guys rented a huge van and took their dates to Henry's Louisiana Grill before the dance. Flowers, suits, vests the whole deal. Paint my car yellow. I'm the homecoming taxi!!

It was fun; and sometimes God knows you need a little break and throws you something unexpected. Good for Taylor!