Tuesday, March 27, 2012

connecting church planting wives online

I am not very technological, so when God uses technology to reach people and I get to be a part of it, I think that is pretty cool! Through the LAUNCH network, we are connecting women online from all over the country. These women are the wives of church planters, who are going through our church planting school. They instantly have so much in common, so many similar challenges and basically, the same heart to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ. They are risk takers on a very uncertain journey. They have the same questions and many of the same needs and similar victories! We have girls with toddlers in the background. Two weeks ago, one precious pregnant girl excused herself to go throw up and then returned to the conversation :) We laugh and sometimes we get choked up because we are so humbled to be a part of something that only God can do.

It is amazing to see God work in the lives of people! I love connecting with these women, and helping connect them to each other. These hour long conversations are often emotional as we talk about what is really important. What is our calling as wives and as individuals? How can we minister to hurting people and put our families first? How do we remain healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually while planting a church?

I wish you could be a fly on my computer screen with all the squares of faces of women from all over the US, talking on a conference call about God doing amazing things. Many of these women have never met each other in person, but there is a connection, a bond because God is doing a work in church planting! I love it!