Wednesday, February 6, 2013

shut up in my mind

Silence is often uncomfortable, isn't it?

Recently, I was reminded to not only communicate with God by praying, and to hear from God by reading the Bible; but to choose to be silent in his presence. Being silent means that we stop thinking about a million things, and we be still.

So I decided in the chaos of my day that I would read the Bible and pray for a few minutes and then, I would be totally quiet. I said, "God, is their anything that you are wanting to say to me?"

I tried to stop thinking about talking. I tried to shut up in my mind, and I realized I was uncomfortable. Maybe I was scared to hear what God would say to my heart. Maybe it weirded me out. Then, in my brief moments of calm, I felt loved. I felt like if God were in the room, he would have said, "You are doing a good job." And I guess I needed that because I got tears in my eyes.

Maybe God asks us to be still so he can love on us.

What about you? Take a few minutes to be quiet, and ask God what he is thinking. What is important to him? Somewhere in there, he wants you to know how much he loves you. I'm quite sure of that.