Wednesday, April 29, 2009

dog valium

Yesterday, the vet gave my dog a prescription for valium. She loses her mind when it storms. I am kind of looking forward to the next storm to see if it works!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

first hand believers

How do we help our kids to make God their own? How do we know that they will make the choice to live for God and not just adopt Him as the God of their parents? Do you remember the story in the Old Testament where the children of Israel crossed the river and God told the leaders to set up stones as a reminder so they could tell the story to future generations? I think this is a big part of it. We have to talk about the things God has done in the past, how He has always been faithful, and how we can trust Him. I think, however, the BIGGEST THING we can do, is to help our kids EXPERIENCE GOD ON THEIR OWN. If they EXPERIENCE God being faithful to THEM, they will be more impacted than if they just heard about what happened to someone else. How can we do that? We have a little book, and we started writing things down--little things, but things that were big to my kids. As they get older, the experiences get bigger. I am hoping that one day, they will look back and know that God can be trusted with their whole life because they have been trusting Him all along. Another way to EXPERIENCE GOD ON THEIR OWN: camp. Camp with their church friends is huge. They experience something on their own and make potentially life-changing decisions. One more: serving others. When our kids serve, they get to see God at work first hand!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

week wrap-up

Brian often posts a weekend wrap-up, so I thought I would post a week wrap-up since I have not written in over a week! Church today was great! Brian started a series on LOVE. Loving God and loving people. To be honest, I was in a little bit of a bad mood--does that ever happen to you? For no reason! I was tired and cranky :) I had to make a conscious decision to worship today--to get my mind off of myself and actually sing those songs TO God not just ABOUT Him. It was so cool that they sang some of my very favorite Chris Tomlin songs! It's amazing that when we make a choice to get our mind on God, He has the ability to fill us up!

West Ridge started a 6:00 evening service tonight. It is identical to the morning services; it just gives people more choices and allows for more morning space. We are excited about it!

This past week my Mom and Dad came to visit for my birthday! We had a great time with them. And I must add that Brian has pampered me like a little queen--I must be getting old! But I'll take it :)

I've enjoyed watching the boys play baseball this weekend; and tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend who is a church planter's wife! I love meeting with other pastors' wives--it's fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What is up with Jack Bauer? Do you think he is going to make it? I am getting concerned about him, and you know he does not have a good relationship with his daughter! It does look like someone cares very much about him, maybe she's even falling in love with him! Of course it's only been 19 hours. Then there is Tony. Hopefully he can get out of there in time! And that president's daughter--she is a mess!

If you don't watch 24, you are missing out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

too good and too nice

Have you ever been so good and so nice that it came back to bite you? If you haven't then you will have no idea what I am talking about. Somehow God does not call us to be "good and nice." He calls us to love Him with all of our hearts. It is about a relationship with Him that somehow becomes more transparent both ways. Is it quite possible that the challenges in our earthly relationships might reflect the inadequacies in our relationship with God? Could it be that what blocks us from intimacy with others could also be hindering our intimacy with God? Nice only gets you so far. I'm still thinking about this.