Monday, June 28, 2010

a balancing act

The month of June is baseball almost every single day. (up to 3 games in some days.) With two boys playing summer ball, i am actually running up the stairs with 20 minutes to shower and get ready for the next event. What am I learning? I am learning to not talk about anything too serious or controversial, as our emotions are hanging on a thin string right now! We are trying to make our home a safe place for each other as we are close to the finish line of several things! I am also learning why people go out and buy their 16 year-olds a car. It is because they have driven them all over the state for 16 years. Yes, I am going to be looking for an inexpensive car for Taylor to share in my taxi duties!!! And I am ready for vacation :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

thoughts on RUSH CAMP

Did you know that 80% of people who make decisions for Christ do so before they are 18? That is why RUSH camp in unbelievably valuable!

With a group of 470, I know there were some parents and grandparents at home praying not only for safety at the beach, but for God to do something powerful in the life of their teenager. Your kids were so much on our hearts and I want you to know that we were praying with you. God showed up in an incredible way. For those of you who do not get to be a part of it, I want you to know how powerful and life-changing camp was, and is every year! Not only is it a beach trip with a ton of fun, but God is glorified and worshipped; and students are quite transparent as they process truth from God's Word in a life-altering way.

Having your kids be AWAY FROM YOU for five days is one of the most healthy things you can do for them. It causes kids to have to make decisions for themselves, wear their own sunscreen--or they sunburn :) manage their own money, think about God and MAKE HIM THEIR OWN, manage their time, develop INSTANT FRIENDSHIPS, and think for themselves. Let your kids grow up. Send them to camp!!!