Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the burkina kitchen project

When Brian returned from his first Burkina Faso, Africa trip, his pictures tugged at my heart. One set of pictures especially grabbed me. The women who cook for hundreds of students at the school in Burkina and at the Compassion site, cook in the dirt. They do not have kitchens. Somehow, as a woman, I felt like these women needed a kitchen. Every woman who has to cook for that many kids needs a kitchen! I thought that if we as women could donate to have a kitchen built, we could not only make their job so much easier, but we could aid in creating a healthy environment for these children as well.

One in 3.5 children in Burkina will die before they turn 10 years old, because they do not have food and water; so while I catch myself letting my water run in my kitchen faucet, these kids are starving and dying. This is not a National Geographic picture of a place that we will never see. This is where West Ridge Church has a family on the ground, a ministry that we can travel to and see for ourselves! Last year, Brian had the opportunity to meet the little girl that we sponsor, and when we build this kitchen, I am going to go and see it for myself!! God is doing amazing things in Burkina Faso, and when we get $25,000. we can add to that by building a kitchen!!!!! When you cook dinner with your stove and oven and use running water and , oh my gosh, a dishwasher, think about the women cooking in the dirt, and pray about donating to the Burkina Kitchen Project. You can be a part of changing lives!!!!!

To donate go to www.engageburkina.com.