Wednesday, May 27, 2009

flower vase

A couple months ago, Brian bought me flowers in a vase. He told me that for the next year, he was going to keep flowers in the vase for me to let me know how much I am loved! So I have been enjoying some beautiful flowers! He was right on Sunday when he said that women are responders. Oh, yes, we are!! I am so thankful for a great man!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

always the same

Yesterday, in his message on enduring love, Brian talked about Jesus always being the same. In a world of changes, it is good to know that He doesn't change. I couldn't help but think that in our pursuit to become more Christ-like, we could add this to what we would like to become. More "the same" and less "emotionally high and low." If God tells us to be like He is, then it is good to be stable, not changing our minds constantly and being tossed about in our all of our ways. I strive to be even tempered. I see some people who are high on life one day, talking about how God speaks personally to them, and on another day, hot tempered or depressed. Now, I am a person who likes change. I do not like things that lack excellence; and I enjoy making things better. However, if we are talking about our emotions and our responses, as we seek maturity, striving to remain "the same" can be a good thing!

Row F seats 17-19

We purchased reserved seats for the North Paulding High School football games! Although we will have to renew them every year, we can have them as long as our boys are at North Paulding, and hopefully, playing football! That's seven years. That's a lot of football! Gosh, I've never lived anywhere long enough to think about buying reserved seats for seven years!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

making decisions

I love Psalm chapter 1, especially when I am concerned about a big decision I have to make. Sometimes we feel like there is a perfect decision to be made, a specific choice that will make or break our future; and if we do not make the perfect choice at the exact time, we could ruin everything! It is nice to know that God is a God who can hold our future together within a realm of choices we make when we are truly seeking Him and walking with Him. He tells us in Psalm 1 that if we are not getting counsel from ungodly people or doing ungodly things, but are, rather delighting in Him and meditating on His Word, then we are free to make a choice or decision, and whatever we do will PROSPER! That means you can pick blue or red, now or later, this one or that one. You can make a choice based upon God's Word and your desires and God will take your decision and make it all work out! That relieves a lot of stress for me. I know that I do not have the power to ruin it all, but God has the power to pull my future together to bring joy to me and glory to Himself.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

how to prepare for a mammogram :)

In light of the fact that I had to get a mammogram today, and because I desire to be nothing but helpful to my readers, I thought I would post a little tip on how to prepare oneself for the precautionary mammogram we all look forward to. First of all, take your garage door remote in your hand and raise your garage door. As you firmly grip the remote, lie on your side under your garage door with your arm above your head. Press the remote and lower the garage door. Hold your breath and do not move. Repeat three times on each side. Don't let the feeling of being too prepared overwhelm you--you may have to wipe your deodorant off with a wet wipe. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sunflower seeds in my washing machine

I've been washing baseball uniforms like a mad woman--over and over again! Both boys' pants are white and I'm not a very good stain remover! The other day, I was throwing the uniforms into the dryer, when I realized my washing machine was holding onto a little bunch of sunflower seeds. I had to smile :) Brian and both of the boys love to eat sunflower seeds at their games. How many more years will I get to wash uniforms?! Before I know it, the boys will be all grown up and gone. I will wish I could have a little pile of sunflower seeds in my washing machine. Hold on to the moments God gives us. Life is passing by so quickly. I want each moment to count, seeds and all!