Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Because of Easter

Because of Easter, because Jesus died on the cross and actually came back to life, we can have life.
We can live forever in heaven, not because of anything we do, but because of what Jesus did for us.
Because of Easter, we can live here, in this world, with purpose, confidence and power.
Because of Easter, we can forgive the people who hurt us, even those who irritate us.
Because of Easter, we are accepted and loved. We are free to be ourselves.
Because of Easter, we don't have to worry and be confused and upset. We are secure.
Because of Easter, it doesn't have to be all about us. Our lives can point to Someone greater than ourselves, and we are free to give to others.
Because Jesus did what he said he was going to do at Easter, we can expect that he is going to continue to keep his promises.
Because of Easter, we are free from the burdens of impossible expectations, guilt and legalism. Because he was perfect, we don't have to be.
Because of Easter, that pivotal morning, when death was defeated and Life and Truth won, we have victory over grief, loss, depression, sickness and loneliness. We have a future. A hope. He is living and we can trust him!