Sunday, December 27, 2009

a little Christmas vacation honesty

We have had a very relaxing Christmas here at the Bloye house! Family, fireplace, gifts, movies, food and more food, staying in our PJ's till late afternoon! It's been great. Now I have to be honest about something. With all of the holiday festivities, I have totally skipped my God time here for a little while, and let me tell you what I have noticed about myself. When I do not spend time with God I realize that often I become overly sensitive and critical. I sometimes lack understanding in conversations with other people and find myself becoming defensive and frustrated about little things.

I read something today that left an impression on me. "When we operate in the flesh, three things are always true: 1. We will always lack the power of the Spirit, and we'll suffer from fatigue. 2. We will always lack the vision of the Spirit so we'll suffer from frustration. 3. We will always lack the sustaining ministry of the Spirit so we'll suffer from failure."

You may think that you are just fine without plugging into God's Word and that you will read God's Word when you have a huge need or tragedy in life. I am learning that when I don't "plug into God," it is like I am wearing a big sign that says, "I am trying to operate in my own power!" It becomes obvious to other people. Quite honestly, it is embarrassing. I NEED the Bible and prayer in my life so I do not do something extremely stupid! So I want to enter into 2010 with lots of fun and excitement, fireworks, parties and food, new resolutions AND being plugged into God!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

brown sugar principle

Zach helped me make cookies last night, which was sortof cool since he is a middle school boy. I don't usually have a lot of cookie-making help :) We were measuring and reading directions, as I found a great opportunity to teach a principle that my Mom taught me in the kitchen.

You know how to measure brown sugar, don't you? You have to pack it down so you can get as much as possible in the measuring cup. Zach and I talked about God's promise to give back to us if we are givers. God says in His Word that if we give, He will give back to us pressed down and overflowing! That's more than just a cup full. That's as much as you can possibly get in the measuring cup--and more! I love how God teaches us things by using examples that we can relate to. Hopefully, I can remind Zach about the brown sugar principle and how we cannot out-give God!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

old black boots

I have a pair of old black boots. I got them when Zach was 2 or 3. He is 11.
These boots are my favorite! They actually have holes in them, (my feet get wet when it rains :) and they are torn up on the inside. Still, they are the one's I pick! Brian bought me
some new boots, two new pairs of boots to be exact. They are nice, but I still like my old ones better :) Some things get better with age!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanksgiving in VA

We really enjoyed being with my family in Virginia for Thanksgiving! We got to see Mom and Dad's new house, their 115 pound pumpkin, the new pool table and the cousins!

Liberty University has an amazing Snowflex. It is a very cool, yet fake snow mountain. A wet, velcro-like surface with amazing ramps, it invites beginners and pros alike! All three of my boys had a blast, and I enjoyed the cozy lodge :)

We saw some movies, ate lots of Thanksgiving carbs and caught up with the family! For all of that, I am thankful!