Monday, August 22, 2011

How do I know that God is real?

How do I know that God is real? I've never seen him. I've never heard his voice, yet I know.
Having never seen the air, somehow we have experienced it, breathed it in; and it has given us life.
I have seen the air move things, the trees blowing in the gentle breeze. And powerful gusts that require our respect.
I have observed a balloon take on a new shape, a new identity when filled with an invisible air.
I have exercised my faith in scientists I've never met that tell me about the molecules in the air I cannot see.
Certainly they are right in their beliefs.
If I were to deny that air exists, I would still breathe it and require it to survive.
In fact, the more I do, the faster my pace, the more I gasp for air and am reminded of my need for it.
I have seen God move, fill and satisfy.

My eyes have been witness to things that only God can do. People that he has drawn to himself, Secret wishes that only he and I knew about, fulfilled to overflow. Coincidences that no one could orchestrate.

Peace in the storms of my life, Calm in my panic and rest in my weariness. Joy in the midst of trouble, and perseverance during darkest times. God has given understanding during times that lack human explanation. My soul had a God-shaped void that no man, job, status or wealth could fill. A perfect Savior for an imperfect me. A sure future. A heavenly home because of a cross I have never seen, an empty tomb that filled my emptiness. A non-wavering, never-changing God that engages my ever-changing life and fills it, satisfies it, loves it and has always kept every promise.

The ocean, the mountains, the spinning solar system. Someone out there is bigger than me. He is not tired or impatient when I do not believe him. He will never cease to exist and his love will never end. I have seen too much!

Friday, August 12, 2011

captain crunch

I ate Captain Crunch for breakfast this morning. I know. It's not very healthy and I am too old to be eating sugar cereal. Here is my story: When I was two years old, my parents took me to Baltimore to visit relatives. Ok, this is about to date me for sure. My great aunt in Baltimore had a milk man that delivered milk to her house, and the milk man left samples of a new cereal on everyone's porch. Great marketing idea! Because we were visiting, my aunt thought I might like to try the new Captain Crunch cereal sample. I was hooked! Not long after we got home, we found my new cereal on the grocery shelf! All it took was a taste, and now I've been a Captain Crunch fan for life!

So many people just need a taste of God, His love, and His goodness. If they could get a sample taste of how great He is, they would be hooked for life!! "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!" Psalm 34:8