Saturday, January 11, 2014

makeup in the dark

We were driving in the dark at 2:00 am. Brian was trying to stay awake, listening to the radio; and my valiant efforts to keep both of us awake had given way to, I guess, an all out sleep. "Make sure you wake me up right before we get there," I had Brian promise. No one wants to see your new in-laws in the middle of the night, after a twelve hour road trip, looking scary bad! I thought I would apply a drop of lip liner and maybe run a brush through my hair. Now, you must understand that in the early 90`s my green eyes required a bright green eyeliner, and that eyeliner was the same shape and size as my lip liner.

If Brian could have kept a straight face when he turned the light on, the story would have been even better, but those hot green lips of mine would not allow it! I had mistakenly, yet confidently applied that green eyeliner all over my mouth. The moral of this story? Never take ourselves too seriously...and never put your makeup on in the dark :)